What Are The Best Apps For Bitcoin Trading

Below are the best trading apps that are designed to execute smooth and successful trade.

  • eToro – It is one of the popular trading platforms that let users trade and invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. eToro allow users to create a demo trading account before starting to trade with real money. This will help traders to trade risk-free.
  • Binance– It is one of the powerful trading platforms, however, it is a little bit complex to use when comparing other top platforms. Binance comes with a mobile app.
  • Coinbase– It is one of the best cryptocurrency trading apps. It allows you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, more than 30 other coins and tokens.
  • BlockFi– This platform lets you lend out your holdings and receive interest instead of running a token sale.
  • Uphold – This app lets traders execute the trade on multiple assets. By just creating a single account through the app, you can trade multiple commodities at one go.
  • Bitcoin IRA– It is one of the most secure platforms that allow traders to exchange currency. However, the app users may have to pay capital gains tax. The good news is that the gains in the IRA accounts are tax-exempted.
  • com– This largest and fastest-growing exchange allows users to access more than 90 tokens and coins around the world. Another greatest advantage of executing trading through this platform is that provides reasonable rates on crypto savings accounts.
  • Hodlnaut-. This platform gives more importance to Bitcoin and many stable coins. Through this savings and lending platform, you will be able to earn a 7.46% interest rate for Bitcoin and this platform pays up to 12.73% annual percentage yield (APY).
  • Voyager – This platform lets you invest in crypto and also provides a trading structure that is free of commission. It supports almost all leading cryptocurrencies and builds a solid support base and customer engagement. Voyager always makes sure to pay reasonable interest rates on assets.
  • Kraken– On this platform, users will have access to a great collection of coins and tokens, which they can use to trade and invest in. Kraken allows for trading on margin. Even though it is an actual exchange, it is very complex to use this platform when compared to other top platforms available in the market. The thing that makes it unique among other trading apps is that it allows users to trade in DOGE and others.


All these are among the best Bitcoin trading apps now available in the market. Executing Bitcoin trading through any of these platforms will help you trade conveniently and without much effort. For trading Bitcoin, the first thing you need to do is to create an account with an exchange and then deposit money on the account. However, it is advisable that before investing in any of these apps, you should consider conducting a test on the app and read user reviews to make a well-informed decision.